Russian Doll


Tonight I gave myself a little break and binged a TV show, and I have absolutely no regrets. My friend and I went grocery shopping, and afterwards we went back to her house and had dinner. We typically end up watching a movie when we’re hanging out at her place, but the synopsis for “Russian Doll” looked so good that we decided to just try the first episode. Yeah right. Five episodes later, she decided it was time to go to bed, and I knew that there was no way I could go to sleep without watching the whole thing. So here I am, having signed up for 30 days of free Netflix, just to finish watching the show!

I won’t bother writing a full fledged review (but here’s what Vanity Fair says about “Russian Doll”), since this blog is more about why I’m trying not to watch television than what I think when I DO watch it. However, I’ve loved Natasha Lyonne since first seeing her in “Slums of Beverly Hills,” so it was such a pleasure to get to watch her in eight episodes of time loop madness.

At the base level, I guess you could say that the show gave me hope – for the power of friendship, the intricacy of connection within neighborhoods and friend groups, the magic of choosing kindness, and of course, the importance of badass deli cats. It’s a small world, and we have to figure out how to live here. We all have our coping mechanisms, and if we’re lucky, we find people to support us in our endeavors. Here’s to seeking the light, and learning to thrive.


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