February Level Up


One of my Bold Goals for the year was to learn something new every month, and since it makes me happy to give things official titles, I’ve decided to call this my Level Up. As in, “How are you leveling up this month?” It doesn’t have to be a HUGE undertaking, like teaching myself to crochet – just something creative that will add depth and beauty to my life.

Even though I didn’t specifically announce it, my January Level Up was joining a Mardi Gras dance group and learning to be a chorus girl. Of course, this is an ongoing project (I’ve actually got practice tonight), but the hardest part is getting started, and that’s what I did last month. Pretty sure we’re going to find out what our parade/performance costumes will look like at tonight’s practice, and I’m super excited. The group’s costume designer showed us the base piece last week, and hands up for sequins and short skirts!

Next Saturday, we also have a hair tutorial for creating the perfect 1930’s inspired chorus girl curls. In fact, the upcoming hair tutorial is what inspired my February Level Up. Confession: I am not really big into hair and makeup. It’s something I find pretty, but overall I’m low-maintenance (I seldom wear makeup to work, and consider it a great morning if I remember to brush my hair). It’s not that I don’t enjoy getting dolled up, but I don’t find it necessary the way some people do. I’m already pretty without the paint, and if I can’t wake up, get ready, and get out the door in under ten minutes, things need to be cut from my routine. When I do apply makeup, it’s a very simple routine and a natural look, and takes me about three minutes of application time.

As disgusting as it might be to me, I recognize the need in our society to be physically attractive in order to be respected as a woman, especially in my visible position as an events professional. Since my goal at work is to get promoted in the next two months, work one more year in New Orleans, and then get promoted out of the city, I need to do the extra work to make sure I’m noticed and elevated. I’ve scheduled a makeup lesson at Sephora this month to revamp my products and see if they can help me find a way to upgrade my look without wasting too much time. While I’m there, I’ll pick up the makeup that I need for chorus girl looks (no natural beauty there – I need red lips, rouged cheeks, and horror of horrors, fake eyelashes).

Let’s just state for the record that I don’t HATE makeup. I love costuming and creating fanciful looks for going out, so learning how to do a vintage glam look for dancing will be really fun. But the regular, every day me is more of an outdoors girl who thrives with a touch of sun screen and some tinted lip gloss. Having to smother my skin to be respected as a professional is just such a stifling reality. Since having to look a certain way at the office really galls me, I’m hoping that maybe taking a lesson from a professional will help me start getting excited about the creative aspect of the process. If I can see it as a form of self-expression rather than another way that society tries to quell our individuality, I’ll be much better off. Fingers crossed.


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